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While there has never been significant traction for the creation of NTOTY (Novice Team of the Year), the discussion of what it would mean to create it is raised from time to time, often by so-called "uppity novii" who think more highly of themselves and their potential prowess than the league might.

The arguments in favor of creating an official NTOTY usually revolve around rewarding excellence in the same vein as other OTY awards. The arguments against stem from its potential to discourage pro-aming, one of the ways novices most improve, as well as discouraging "debating around," which often generates the best possible partnerships.

With the almost universal inclusion of novice break rounds in APDA tournaments in recent years and renewed interest in tracking novice team performance on the APDA official website results, NTOTY may once again become a relevant discussion point.

Through a rubric involving applying the TOTY distribution of points to the top four novice teams (usually the number announced at a tournament) based on the number of NOTY points that tournament was worth, we can derive a retroactive look at past NTOTYs and gauge what indication it was of their future success. This can be found here.