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J.J. Gertler and Judy Bradt

APDA founder, J.J. Gertler (Amherst '82), proposed to CUSID Director of English Debate, Judy Bradt (Toronto '82), in a cross-bench speech at the 1987 Hart House tournament, where they were judging. It was the first known proposal during a debate round. They were married in the Hart House Debates Room on February 13, 1988.

William Henry Smith III and Robin Travers MD

Robin Travers (Mount Holyoke College 1986) met William Henry Smith (Harvard College 1985) at a debate tournament at Brandeis in 1984. Robin was an active debator for Mount Holyoke from 1984-1986 and served as the president of the Parliamentary Debate Society in 1986. Bill debated for Harvard College. They began dating in 1985, and have been together ever since, although they didn't marry until 2002. They now have a son, Morris William Henry Smith, and live in the Boston area.

Storey and Emily Clayton

Purportedly the first proposal to take place during an APDA Tournament: Storey Clayton popped the question during his senior speech at 2002 UMBC Nats. Storey and Emily (nee Garin) were married July 13, 2003 in California. They separated in September 2010.

Chris and Melissa Paolella

Chris Paolella (Princeton '96) and Melissa Bristol (Bryn Mawr '93) were married a few years back and now live in New Jersey.

Adam and Michelle Groce