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Welcome to the American Parliamentary Debate Association's wiki!

This wiki is primarily used to record the institutional memory of APDA, as well as to provide basic resources to its members. We highly encourage current and old members of APDA to help maintain the wiki by registering. Feel free to discuss future plans and best practices for maintaining the wiki here.

To contribute, first request an account in this thread on the forums.

About APDA

Governance Guides/Debate Culture Members
Executive Board Overview of APDA League Issues Member Schools
APDA By-laws Overview of APDA Debate Stories Alumni Contact List
Best Practices Guide to Tournaments Glossary Notable Graduates
Articles of Incorporation Casebook Neologisms Judge Paradigms
Constitution Guide to Worlds Informal Awards
Code of Conduct List of Motions Marriages

Awards and Statistics

Awards Results Officially Tracked Statistics Unofficially Tracked Statistics
Team of the Year National Champions Old OTY Results Final Round Appearances
Speaker of the Year National Champion Speakers Old National Qualifiers Hybrid Team of the Year (1998-2012)
Novice of the Year North American Champions Chris Porcaro Award (2001-2014) Novice Team of the Year (1998-2012)
Club of the Year North American Speakers Jeff Williams Award (2007-2014) Record Book
Chris Porcaro Award Worlds Breaks
Jeff Williams Award Individual Tournaments
Distinguished Service Award