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In 2004, Andrew Korn proposed that a person should be able to qualify for nationals not just by making it to a final round, but also by making it to three semis rounds. At the time, Korn himself was a potential beneficiary of the rule, although he did offer to make himself exempt from the provision were it to pass.

It passed and shortly thereafter Korn made it to a final round. The only one to have qualified with it was then president Angelo Carusone (Fordham University, '04). The proposal required renewal after one year, which failed.

These "Korn-seeds" were popularly known as "kernels," as APDA debaters noticed the similarity between the name of their future president and the name of the yellow vegetable.

These "Korn-Quals" were eliminated when the qualling system was re-hauled into the current 14-point system.