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I debated four years for Harvard. I also really like BP and believe APDA should import many of its norms. My APDA web page is here:

Debating Preferences

1. It is not spec.

2. Win the round with your arguments, not your case statement.

3. The case probably isn't tight. I will not drop you for making a tight call, but I am not likely to give you high speaker points.

4. Ask questions and run cases about things that matter. Try to have high quality rounds, not ones with zero probability that you will lose.

5. Find the heart of the debate and try to win on that. Win by being the better debater, not with tricks and marginal arguments.

6. It is not true until you prove it. If you say words without a warrant, that means nothing to me.

7. Speaker points are for creativity and intelligence. Say smart things and I will reward you.

8. Don't be afraid to take on a big burden. I will reward teams that give themselves a higher bar and punish teams that try to narrow their burdens and make the round go away.

9. Weigh.

10. Don't lie. Ever.

Case Preferences

I am open to most topics, I really just care about hearing smart and unique ideas. That said, I particularly enjoy international relations, economics/finance (generally regulatory questions), and aesthetic/literary theory.