Chris Porcaro Award

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Chris Porcaro Award Winners

This award is given to the graduating senior with the most top speaker finishes in his or her APDA career. It is named after the late Chris Porcaro, the 1998 APDA speaker of the Year and NYU debater, who died of cancer in 2000.

Year Novice School
2017 Andrew Bowles George Washington University
2016 Sean Leonard Rutgers University
2015 Aaron Murphy William & Mary
2014 Josh Zoffer Harvard University
2013 Coulter King Harvard University
2012 Reid Bagwell Columbia University
2011 Alex Taubes Boston University
2010 (Tie) Vivek Suri Johns Hopkins
(Tie) Grant May Yale
2009 Mike Childers Johns Hopkins
2008 Andy Hill William and Mary
2007 Matthew Wansley Yale
2006 Jon Bateman Johns Hopkins
2005 (Tie) Alex Blenkinsopp Harvard
(Tie) Kat Hyland Fordham
(Tie) Kate Reilly Princeton
2004 (Tie) Brookes Brown Brown University
(Tie) Neil Vakharia NYU
2003 Phil Larochelle MIT
2002 Emily Garin Princeton
2001 Dave Silverman Princeton