1981-1982 tournaments

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Fordham 1981–Semi-final (hidden): Princeton (Alston & Vargo) affirm “The Fault Lies not in Our Stars, But in Ourselves” defining it to mean that the fault for bad television lies in the public, not the writers, directors and actors, defeating Swarthmore (Chris DeMoulin & Grant Oliphant)

Finals against McGill(?) McGill affirms “It is Better to Be Lucky than Good” by saying that it is better still to be both. Princeton, both freshmen directly from high school on-topic in our first APDA tournament, are entirely befuddled by the nature of a final round and effectively run a topicality argument. Predictably, our only votes received come from the other Princeton teams and some stray votes that Richard Sommer managed to persuade in a series of brilliant floor speeches.

–Mark Vargo