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The Bo Missonis of the Year (BOTY) Award

This award goes to the debater or debaters who, in the opinion of its prior recipient(s), best represent(s) Bo Missonis. This symbolizes a zest for debate accompanied by a certain individuality or style, and doing the event for its own sake. It is awarded to a rising senior or seniors so that it may be awarded each year.

Year Recipient School
2013 Zach Bakal Yale University
2012 Sam Sanders Brown University
2011 Alex Loomis Harvard University
2010 Andrew Husick Brandeis University
2009 Lily Lamboy Amherst College
2008 Lauren Bateman W&M
2007 Josh Bone Yale
2006 Adam Groce MIT
Michelle Zimmermann MIT
2005 Dan Greco Princeton
2004 Josh Bendor Yale
2003 Dom Williams Princeton
2002 Pat Nichols MIT
2001 Storey Clayton Brandeis University
Ryan Hecker NYU
2000 Andrew Sepielli Princeton University
1999 Dave Riordan Johns Hopkins University
1998 Colby Tofel-Grehl Fordham
Jason Goldman Princeton

The Leaky Faucet Award

This award went to the debater who, in the opinion of its prior recipient, best represented the leaky faucet. It symbolized an ability to get leaks, sometimes without even trying. It was typically awarded to a rising senior, with exceptions in 2012 and 2006. As a result of changing APDA norms regarding round disclosure, the award was retired in 2014.

    • Award Creator:** Jordan Factor

Year Recipient School
2013 Eric Brooks Yale University
2012 Eric Brooks Yale University
2011 Reid Bagwell Columbia University
2010 Andrew Husick Brandeis University
2009 Will Crocker Northeastern University
2008 Mike Childers Johns Hopkins University
Dan Blynn Brandeis University
2007 Mark Samburg Brandeis University
2006 Mark Samburg Brandeis University
2005 Robbie Pratt The College of William and Mary
2004 Andrew Korn Yale University
2003 Marty Roth Princeton University
2002 Arthur Trialdi The College of William and Mary
2001 Jeff Williams Columbia University
2000 Scott Luftgrass Yale University

= Ms. APDA

This award goes to the female debater on APDA who the reigning Ms. APDA feels best exemplifies what women on the circuit should be. The inaugural award was given at the 2006 Cornell tournament for entirely different reasons.

^Year ^Recipient ^ School ^ ^2007 |Julie Baker | Swarthmore | ^2008 |Lily Lamboy | Smith | ^2009 |Lily Lamboy | Smith | ^2010 |Kate Falkenstien | Yale | ^2011 |Kate Falkenstien | Yale | ^2012 |Ashley Novak | Rutgers | ^2013 |Ashley Novak | Rutgers |